Thursday, March 24, 2011


“Praised be Thou, O my God, that Thou hast ordained Naw-Ruz as a festival unto those who have observed the fast for love of Thee and abstained from all that is abhorrent unto Thee. Grant, O my Lord, that the fire of Thy love and the heat produced by the fast enjoined by Thee may inflame them in Thy Cause, and make them to be occupied with Thy praise and with remembrance of Thee.”
Baha’u’llah, first paragraph from a prayer for Naw-Ruz

I am fast finding out that the youth year of service volunteers arrange most of the Holy Day programs at Banani. Once again with only a few days noticed we put together a program of readings and music for Naw-Ruz, a celebration of the Baha’i New Year at the end of the fast. We even arranged time for a rehearsal of the program to ensure things went smoothly. After the program, the school hosted a buffet of pork, beef, fish, rice, and potatoes,…and ice cream (a rare treat here). The students then danced the night away in celebration of the New Year…actually, they had to be in bed by 22.15.

The following Monday the girls were excused from class and prep (which is a free study period). The service youth walked down to the institute around 13.30 for feast and a community brai. You all probably know what a brai is but I didn’t…it’s a barbecue.

The Banani girls sing and dance as part of the Naw-Ruz program


  1. Are you singing and dancing with them?

  2. hehe, sometimes, it takes a lot of encouragement to get me on the dance floor. Singing is easier, because everyone else is singing so loud that no matter how horribly I sing, no one will be able to hear me